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 Piper's Frith 2016 Applications are now closed!

Please read the application guidelines before submitting your application. Save and email the completed form or print and mail this form (addresses below). Note: this form is not fillable online. Sorry, that just hasn't worked for us yet. You will need to paste it into your word processor.

Contact Information: (Type or print your information.)

Name: ___________________________________________________________Are you over 19?__________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________________ Province/State: ______________________

Country: ________________________________________ Postal/Zip Code: ______________________

Telephone: _______________________________________ Other Phone: _________________________

Email: ______________________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name/Phone: ______________________________________________________

We will communicate with participants using email.  If you require/prefer another method of

communication, please specify:_____________________________________________________

Are you interested in working on (please X):____Poetry  ____Fiction  ____Playwriting 


How did you hear about Piper's Frith? _________________________________________

What to Include with your Application Form: Piper's Frith offers mentorship for experienced writers. If an applicant does not have a working proficiency, the staff reserves the right to decline the application. The applicant should demonstrate a dedicated writing history; provide a sample that may need work, but shows promise; and submit a statement of interest that describes a commitment to improving their writing. Applicants who meet these requirements will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Closing date of applications is September 6, 2016.

  • $15 Cdn/US application fee: This is non-refundable, but if accepted, is part of the total $575 Cdn cost. 
  • 6-8 page sample of your writing: This does not have to be what you plan to work on, but should be representative of your work.  
  • Statement of interest in this experience (this is a very important piece!): Briefly describe your reasons for wanting to participate; what you hope to achieve; what you plan to work on.
  • Brief biography (100-200 words is fine) -- This could contain publication credits, writing experience, writing awards, creative writing courses or credentials, and/or how you engage with writing in your life.

Please ensure your name appears on all pages! If your name differs on application, samples or payment, please let us know this.

QUESTIONS: Email [email protected] or [email protected]

PAYMENT: Applications will not be considered "received" until the application fee is received. You can pay via Paypal DONATE button in the sidebar or at the bottom of the Guidelines page, or mail a cheque, payable to the Literary Arts Foundation of NL with your application.

EMAIL this form and attachments to [email protected] or MAIL TO:

Piper's Frith: Writers' Retreat
c/o Literary Arts Foundation of Newfoundland & Labrador
Box 2662
St. John?s, NL  A1C 6K1    Canada


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